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Jetty Extracts Carts Bulk


Jetty Extracts Carts Bulk


Classic strains you know and love. These strains come in at 85%+ THC. Made with real cannabis terpenes*, you’ll get a more balanced high. Our High THC vapes are super potent and feature a variety of legendary cannabis strains you know and love. No matter the occasion, Jetty High THC will get you to any level you want to reach.

We start with small-batch, sun-grown cannabis from small California’s legendary Emerald Triangle. Next, we re-introduce our propriety terpene blends made with real cannabis terpenes. And to ensure your enjoyment, we triple-test each batch so it meets our high standards for purity and cleanliness.

For those seeking an intense high that fits in your pocket. With so many unique strains to choose from, you can have a euphoric experience or something more fine-tuned to your needs. Our vapes are odorless and discreet, but with real cannabis, terpenes added you still get all the delicious flavors.

Jetty Extracts Carts Bulk

10 Jetty Extracts Carts, 100 Jetty Extracts Carts, 1000 Jetty Extracts Carts, 50 Jetty Extracts Carts, 500 Jetty Extracts Carts


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